Awnings might seem like just a decorative fixture on a house but they do serve a purpose. When carefully selected and properly installed. Awnings add value and convenience to a home. For example, door awnings protect the door over which it is installed from rain and from the damaging effects of sunlight, although it can be great to have a lot of light in the house, too much exposure to the sun is still harmful even indoors. Therefore Window awnings allow you to enjoy the outdoors while still protecting your skin.


Carports offer a whole host of benefits to homes & owners, not only will a carport create a safe, covered area for you to park your car it will also add extra value to your home. Keeping your car under cover will help protect it from weather damage such as paint fading from the sun’s UV rays and hailstones causing damages. A carport has multiple uses, it can be used to store & park any vehicle as well has providing shelter to your entertainment area.


A shadeport comprises a structural frame across which a shade cloth type of material or net is pulled to provide shade cover for a vehicle which is parked beneath it. The structural frame of the shade port can vary greatly in terms of material, method of construction and design. Businesses usually select a shadenet colour, from the wide range of colours available, that compliments that corporate image thereby turning their parking lot into an attractive space that enhances the entire corporate image.


A roof is part of a building envelope, both the covering on the uppermost part of a building or shelter which provides protection from animals and weather, notably rain, but also heat, wind and sunlight; and the framing or structure which supports the covering


A prefabricated building occupied as a permanent home, located with others in a dedicated area of ground.